The Game of Ludo

Ludo is a word that is frequently used by the beginners in board games. In other words, beginners never know the meaning of the word Ludo, nor what it is for! However, it can be defined as: “the act of walking or running around like a lunatic” and has many different names depending on who is doing the definition.

The word Ludo can also be said to be a description of the game. The Ludo board game was designed by Einar Soffer in 1971. He wanted to play with his brother, but when he stepped out of the house, he found out that it was impossible to get to them due to the huge tree blocking the path. He needed a game where everyone could play together and didn’t have to worry about the trees blocking their way.

The two brothers spent years perfecting the first games and were only able to sell a couple hundred copies before the economy fell. However, the question must be asked, “Was the game a failure?” Many argue that it is, because many were not able to find anyone to play with. But there are many people who are still enjoying the game today.

As we all know, a board game can be extremely difficult to learn for those who do not play games, and in this case, the word Ludo may make you think it is too simple to play. The rules of the game however, are easy to understand and play, and they are easily broken down into the elements necessary to play the game.

The first rule is called, “Everyone has one ‘Ludo’ stone to start off with. Everyone is then allowed to collect a number of tiles based on the rules of the game. After starting the game, you will then flip over a tile and get to either draw a ‘Ludo’ or remove a tile from the game.

When a person removes a tile from the game, it goes back to their hand and they can either pick up that tile again or it will remain where it is until another player takes it. Then that tile will go back in the bag and a new Ludo stone will be selected.


While the second rule for the game calls for players to pass a tile to the other players to form a bridge that leads to the center, it is possible to take a Ludo stone as well. This means that the person playing would have the option to collect the Ludo stone and use it as their own.

With the game being so popular, there are many parties and get-togethers where people bring along their board games and everyone can enjoy the games. Sometimes, if a group of people is looking for a party to enjoy some fun games, they will bring their board games and they can even shuffle their way to victory!

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