The Essential Facts About Monopoly

Board games are a great way to enjoy yourself in a group and give you some quality time with other people. Games of chance, deception, deduction and planning are all designed to build a team of people together. The strategy involved in a game can help you make decisions on how to play the game as well as help develop team work.

If you are looking for a new type of game to introduce people to the bonding process of team building then the perfect choice would be the popular board game, Monopoly. A Monopoly game requires each person to maintain their property whilst at the same time purchasing properties from the other players. Once a player has bought a property then they are free to sell that property to the other players.

The rules of Monopoly require you to think about your next move when a property is being purchased. You have to figure out if you are selling the property at the right price or if you should let it go for free. Once a property is sold then it must be returned to the owner, or else that player will lose a deed that gives them rights to that property. This rule makes sure that all players follow the same rule in the game.

The game also forces you to take into account who is coming up with the best deals. This creates conflict amongst the players where everyone is trying to give the other players the best deal possible but not necessarily the best deal.

In terms of playing the game Monopoly has been designed to be simple and fun. With an easy to set up and quick to set up there are no hard feelings when the game starts and you need to explain how everything works.

Monopoly is available in two versions, the classic and the new player versions. The newer player version does have additional rules and techniques which mean that it is not suitable for younger children.

Whether you are just getting the hang of playing a board game, or you are looking for something to spend time with friends and family then you should look at the classic version of Monopoly. It will teach you the basic rules and you will be able to learn the rules of the game quickly and easily.


The classic version of Monopoly requires that you buy properties at the beginning of the game, before you start playing the game. So, if you are a rookie to playing a board game then this is a great game to play as there is a lot of buying going on!