Make Jenga Even Harder With Jenga Tower

The first board game that I ever played was a simple version of Monopoly, and I can still remember the horror of it. It seemed to get more difficult with each game, until I was being played by an evil landlord who controlled everything!

As I grew older I found board games in many different versions. Most versions have rules which are fairly similar; but all have certain limitations to what can be done with them. So, when playing a board game I always had to find the rules which would allow me to play to my strengths.

When my daughter was in school I tried to introduce her to board games, but the games we played were the same boring ones that I had always played. In fact, they had rules that did not let me compete against her at all! The rules for the version of Texas Hold’em were a little more flexible, but none of the other games would allow me to compete. In fact, they almost made me not want to play the game at all!

So I decided to get on the internet and start looking for a good board game. But it took a lot of time and effort to search through the thousands of games out there, as well as find the one that would allow me to play competitively. It was at this point that I came across the idea of trying something new.

The main idea behind the Jenga game is that you have a starting block and a goal. You start the game by putting down a single block of wood, and then you work your way towards reaching a tall wall. Each time you land on a platform you get to add more blocks of wood to your stack.

The basic version of the game starts off with three different colored blocks. Each block represents a way to reach the top of the tower. There are plenty of ways to stack these blocks. If you have three of the same color then you need to put down one block that represents the middle path.


The variation to the basic version of the game is that each path can only go through one way of the board. Therefore, the middle path is the only path you can use to reach the top.

The full version of the game allows you to stack four blocks of the same color. So you can take your stack up to a height where you can reach the top of the tower. The best part about this game is that it is very difficult to beat unless you know the rules!