Playing Clue With Your Children

With the aid of a good board game guide, many people can play an excellent game of Clue with their children. There are a lot of great things about this game, one of which is that your children can choose to join the hunt for clues and escape unscathed from the madness that ensues. This game works very well with the kids, but even adults will find some of the puzzles very difficult. The three following tips are all aimed at helping you prepare yourself for the game of Clue.

The first thing you should remember about playing Clue is that your goal is to try and find the clues without drawing the attention of the other players. By using some of the subtle hints, you will be able to do this easily. After playing this game a few times, it will become easier for you, but you may still have some trouble doing so. It is necessary that you always put on a happy face as well as acting the part of a teacher and a helpful parent. This will help the others in your group find the clues.

Another thing to remember when playing Clue is that everyone should try to play the game as smoothly as possible. Avoid distracting situations by being aware of the people around you. This is essential for you to know how you should act in order to find the clues.

Play Clue with your kids, but take precautions against them getting lost. Letting them play this game alone in a corner of the room can allow them to get confused when they are lost. Before allowing them to play the game alone, you should let them know the rules of the game, as well as the various clues that they should be looking for and how to locate them.


You should also make sure that your children know where the clue is located before they start to search for it. As soon as the children begin to search for the clues, they should point them out to you. Try to ensure that they recognize the color of the items or they could miss the clue.

Some children might find it difficult to follow directions, so if you notice this happening, you should ask them to repeat what they are doing and not to change the direction in which they are moving to look for the clues. If you keep an eye on them, it might help them understand the direction you are pointing them in.

The last thing you should do when playing Clue is to always let your child know what they are doing. Use any text or graphic that they might need in order to lead them to the next clue. You can even make use of the audio device that comes with the game, as long as your child has it with them.

In the end, no matter how well you play Clue, it is always important to remember that you should never leave a child out in the cold while playing this game. The best way to go about it is to let them know what to do and where to look for the clues before they begin to look for them. With a little bit of practice, they should be able to succeed in finding the clues without any difficulty.