Catan Strategy – 3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Strategy

Most people have seen some form of Catan strategy, but there are a few different techniques you can use to improve your game. Keep reading for a few tips.

Playing a good board game is a matter of trying to figure out how the pieces move and what the land of Catan does. There are several different types of strategies for each game, but the most popular strategy in Catan is called “prison-building”.

Basically you buy everything you need to build a city before starting your game of Catan. When you do, take the most advantageous spaces and claim them with Catan tiles to build buildings.

You are essentially buying plots of land from other players, and this means that at the beginning of the game, whoever has the most plots on the board is going to win. Each player begins with one or two more plots than everyone else, so if a player gets a plot of land, they get an advantage over their other opponents. The more plots you buy, the more points you will get from land.

The next way to improve your Catan strategy is to use influence cards. You can buy influence cards for coins that give you a single benefit that lasts for one turn only, or several different benefits over time.

I’ll mention one more way to improve your strategy here. As your player mat shows you as winning, you can use that information to figure out what the other players are getting so you can improve your own strategy.

These are the three basic ways you can improve your strategy in Catan. Other tricks to getting into the better positions can include taking turns and having multiple plots.


Those are the three simple yet effective ways to improve your Catan strategy. The most difficult part of Catan is winning a game, so learn all of these tactics and see how long you can last!